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Tree Care Services

Areas Served

We serve clients in San Diego coastal communities, including:

Our Services

Crown Point Clippers services include simple tree pruning and trimming, tree stump removal, tree root cutting, or a complex lot clearing. Based in La Jolla and serving the Greater San Diego Area, we have been providing tree care services for over 35 years.

View Enhancement

View corridors are one of the most important issues we address on a daily basis. Maximizing the homes view provides pleasure to the occupants and dramatically increases the value of the home.

Pruning and Trimming

One of the best investments you can make in your property is to keep your trees safe, healthy, and beautiful by maintaining a pruning program.  Periodic pruning is done for safety, appearance, structural integrity, and the health of trees and shrubs. It is also necessary for storm damage.

Tree Removal

Trees are the simplest yet best solution for maintaining the beauty of your property for the long term. However, there may come a time when you will need to have your tree removed, and there are numerous motivations for doing so. When you are in need of a reliable and professional tree removal service in San Diego, CA, you have come to the right place.

At Crown Point Clippers, Inc., we perform tree removal in a safe and efficient manner, focusing on maximum results and minimal impact to your property. We typically recommend tree removal as a last resort when a tree incurs damage that is beyond repair, thereby posing a hazard to people, nearby buildings and/or vehicles. Circumstances when removal is the ideal solution are when your tree is:

Furthermore, removal is the solution of choice when a tree is situated in an area where new construction is planned. Whether you are extending your home, building a shed, or enclosing your property with a fence, one or more trees may potentially obstruct the prospective construction area and would thus need to be removed.

With over 37 years of tree service experience, our team is fully equipped with the tools and expertise for superior tree care and overall customer service. Our expert arborists will take the time to diagnose tree problems and provide recommendations on removal options as well as alternative courses of action if any.

To learn more about the benefits of professional tree removal in San Diego and its coastal communities, please contact us at Crown Point Clippers, Inc. today. Simply call (858) 270-1742 or reach out to us by email, and we will be happy to help you get started on restoring safety and convenience to your landscape.

Tree Stump Removal and Grinding

When a tree falls or is cut down, the remaining stump can be a substantial deterrent not only for the appearance of your landscape but also for its required maintenance. This is where stump removal comes in. If you are looking for professional stump removal and grinding in San Diego, CA, the team from Crown Point Clippers, Inc. is here for you.

Our over 37 years in the industry have provided us with extensive knowledge of stump removal, enabling us to perform the task with the minimum amount of stress. We understand the aesthetic and functional implications of leaving a tree stump untouched, as well as the negative effects that a rotting stump can cause for surrounding property – from the spread of disease to healthy trees and plants to hazardous fungal growth to the invitation of unwanted pests.

In the past, stump removal was a difficult process involving the complete removal of the stump along with the entire root system underneath. However, today’s stump removal method involves a process known as grinding, whereby the stump is ground down to just below the earth using our specialized grinding equipment. The hole is then filled in with wood shavings or dirt, allowing the stump to naturally decompose without causing harm to your home or property.

As the area’s leading specialists in tree care, we are dedicated to the quick yet highly effective removal and grinding of old tree stumps. Our state-of-the-art equipment can remove stumps in all shapes and sizes and in even the most inconvenient locations, such as close to buildings or fences.

To learn more about our professional stump removal and grinding in San Diego and surrounding areas, please call Crown Point Clippers, Inc. today at (858) 270-1742. Alternately, you can send us an email, and we will share our expertise for enhancing the safety and aesthetics of your backyard.

Tree Lacing and Thinning

Tree lacing is an annual pruning method that thins tree branches so the tree can continue healthy growth. It thins the branches so light and air can flow through the tree, promoting growth and reducing the risk of diseases, pests, and damage.

Tree Root Pruning

Contrary to popular belief, tree roots will grow back after being trimmed. Our tree service specialists are equipped with the tools and expertise to perform root pruning in such a way that discourages new growth in the same problematic way, thereby helping home and business owners avoid future damage to structures and trees alike.

Lot Clearing and Clean-Up

While lot clearing is most often for new construction, we offer other property maintenance services including brush clean up. This proactive service is important for wildfire prevention, pest control, and maintaining tree health. Before the house is built, remodeled, or removed, the lot must be cleared of unnecessary trees and greenery. Call us – we’re the experts!